Expert in embedded electronics development
  • Prototype developing

    Electronic product design

    Embedded system development

    Assistance for PCB manufacturing

    Assistance for soldering electronic parts

    Initial prototype "bring-up"

    Prototype testing

    Launching to mass production 

    JTAG-tests develop

  • Development of embedded software

    Development without operating systems

    Development with operating systems

    Platform software development

    Digital signal processing algorithms development

    Quality assurance

  • Circuit design solution development

    Use of modern components

    Optimization of project according to various criteria

    Devices with power supply by battery

    Circuit design solutions modeling

    Complete packet of design documentation

  • User interface design

    Development of the project design concept

    Development of the semantic core

    Interface visualization

    System integration


  • PCB routing

    Optimization of elements location and board size

    Signal integrity calculation

    Electromagnetic compatibility calculation

    Connections impedance calculation

  • Preparation for manufacturing

    Thermal simulation

    3D modeling

    Coordination with manufacturing requirements

    Preparation of a design documentation packet

  • Electronic components insertion

    Manual insertion

    Insertion at the automated line

    Manufacture preparation for insertion

    Insertion of BGA, FLIP-Chip, CSP, QFP, SMD

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– an innovative company focused on providing services in the field of embedded systems.

AXONIM devices is an engineering company creating modern, multifunctional electronics.

We develop microprocessing equipment, embedded systems, software and applications for data processing and analysis. Our electronics complies with highest requirements of the customers and state-of-the-art technology.

Thanks to our diversified staff of professionals, we set about work and solve complicated and often incredible tasks. Our technical department works in accordance with worldwide standards (ISO 9001:2008, IPC and GOST).

Spectrum o four services:

  • Development of embedded systems

  • Modelling and analysis

  • PC board design and layout

  • JTAG- testing

  • Firmware and application software

  • FPGA-design

  • Casing design and development

  • Prototype fabrication

  • Developmental prototype fabrication

  • Production organization

  • Stands for functionalandin-circuit tests

We use only modern and reliable components of the following manufacturers: Texas Instruments, Analog Devices, INTEL, 3M, Amphenol Connex, Altera, AMD, Microchip and others, which guarantees a long life span and high service properties of the device. AXONIM devices is official partner of Texas Instruments, Analog Devices, Intel, Microsoft.

Software development department creates products for the operating systems: Embedded Linux, Android, Microsoft Windows Embedded, eCOS, FreeRTOS, ADI VDK, DSP/BIOS\. The following programming languages are used: C/C++ (incl STL/ATL), TCL, CDL, Java (J2ME), MatLab, Mathematica, VHDL/Verilog, ASM, XML, XAML. We have experience of working with architectures: ARM, SuperH, x86, TI DSP, ADI Blackfin, ADI DSP, AVR32, MSP430, XMOS, i51, PIC. Allthatallowsustobe one step ahead of our competitors.

Our headquarters is located in Belarus - a kind of new Silicon Valley in Eastern Europe. FYI World of Tanks, Viber, Epam, MSQRD are made in Belarus.

We provide the customer an opportunity of monitoring the project and are ready to introduce alterations on request of the client. Owing to our personnel large experience and professionalism, projects are realizedon a tight timetable. We guaranty confidentiality of the information provided to us. Our technical support department operates from 10:00 to 20:00(UTC/GMT +3h).

Our clients are companies working in various spheres of human activity: automation of technological processes, automobile industry, banking sector, consumer electronics, telecommunications, retail industry etc. Beltransgas, Lenze(Germany), Yukon Advanced Optics(USA), ROUND CONCEPT (USA), Polaris (USA), VIPA (Germany)and others.

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